Jacquie, Chris, and two of the most darling girls…

I am debating how to start this post and what to write…

When it comes to Jackie, we go waaaayyy  back… she has been one of my most precious and dear friends for a very long time now. We have gone through so much of life together… tears, smiles, laughter, and so much more! I have had the privilege of watching the amazing relationship she and Chris have had long before they were married and their two darlings were born. It has been an incredible thing to see. When I look at relationships and examples of what I want in a marriage, I look at these two. Friendship, love, respect, Jesus… it is there! I am so thankful I have been so blessed to have them as a part of my life, and to be able to call them friends is such a gift. Jacquie and Chris, I love you guys. Thank you for the friendship you give and the example of love you show, it is such a blessing.

Thank you for taking the time and allowing me to hang out with you and these precious girls. I loved every minute of it and had such a great time! Thank you for dinner and the nice conversation we were able to share, and for remember the gift I made to you some times ago : the amazing picture made of words of your wedding anniversary. I love you and can’t wait for next time!

San Diego Wedding Photography | Kristin and Matt

I was so excited when I was asked to shoot Kristin and Matt’s wedding! They had an absolutely gorgeous day at the beautiful Island Palms Hotel and Marina. They are such a sweet couple and had such a lovely and fun wedding! Everything turned out gorgeous and Kristin and Matt had an amazing celebration!

Kristin and Matt, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such an important day in your lives! You two are awesome and I was thrilled to get to celebrate with you. Your wedding was amazing and I hope you are having an incredible time in Hawaii!!!

I also want to say a huge thank you to Desiree Shuey for joining me and capturing such awesome images! I can’t wait to work together again, thank you lovely lady!

This was all them! You know when there is a bum grab involved that they are going to be a fun couple!

Desiree grabbed some awesome details! I loved the flowers and the colors they picked out!

There is something so fun about this image! I just love it!

San Clemente, CA Engagement & Wedding Photography | Kristin and Dustin

Yesterday was a good day! I had an absolutely amazing time getting to hang out with Kristin and Dustin. I am sooo excited to be a part of this wedding and cannot wait for a couple of things we have planned coming up! I wanted to get this post up as a little birthday present to Kristin… HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (make sure to leave her some birthday love)!!! As today is her actual birthday and I know photos are a big thing in her life. She too is a wedding photographer and after you look at this lovely engagement shoot, head over to her website and get to know her better.

Last night after our shoot, they brought me home with them to celebrate Kristin’s birthday and fed me the most AMAZING meal… I still can’t stop talking about it! It doesn’t help that there was a lot of chocolate involved for dessert 🙂 So a huge shout out an thank you goes to Dustin’s family for the amazing meal and of course to Kristin and Dustin for being so sweet and inviting me over. I had so much fun!

Kristin and Dustin, I am so excited to be part of such an important time in your life! I feel honored to be doing what I am doing. Thank you for being such an awesome couple, I look forward to many more times of hanging out for sure!

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